AUL Condemns Second Circuit Court Ruling which Strips Rights from Pro-Life Americans


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Americans United for Life on Tuesday condemned a decision by the Second Circuit in which the court ruled that a private individual does not have the right to sue her employer after being forced to participate in an abortion. Catherina Lorena Cenzon-DeCarlo, the plaintiff in the case, was a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and was not allowed to opt out of assisting in an abortion procedure, despite the fact that she said it violated her conscience.

Mailee Smith, Staff Counsel for AUL, worked on an amicus brief filed on behalf of a number of pro-life medical groups and said: "The court's ruling today shows its total disregard for the rights of conscience of our healthcare providers. The right not to participate in a procedure is a fundamental right. But by forbidding Ms. DeCarlo from suing her employer, the Second Circuit has completely eviscerated that right."

In the brief, AUL argued that health care professionals across the nation are in danger of losing their freedom of conscience when facilities like Mount Sinai Hospital are allowed to force participation in abortion and other controversial procedures without regard to their employees’ religious, moral, or conscientious convictions.

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