Teaching Teenagers America's Principles & Values

Dear Fellow Patriot:

Your group can help reach and teach America's teenagers the principles and values of America's traditional free-market/limited Constitutional government philosophy.  Sponsor a high school(s) in your local service area.  Social Studies department chairs and classroom teachers receive a monthly public policy resource theme packet for classroom use.  The nine (9) packets sent each year contain extensive supplementary/enrichment materials examining in depth the major public policy issues facing America at this crucial time in our history.  A high-impact/low-cost pro-America program that is NATIONAL IN SCOPE and is highly CLASSROOM TESTED.  PROGRAM HAS RECEIVED TWO AWARDS FROM A PRESTIGIOUS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION. 

We have requests from hundreds of high schools coast to coast that wish to participate in the program if local area SPONSORS can be found for them to do so.  You/your group may choose which school(s) you sponsor, and we will send them the theme packets on a one-per-month basis from September thru May of the school year. 

For additional FREE information about this activity, simply send your name and postal mailing address to:

 C. Bernard Schriver 

 POB 153 

East Petersburg, PA 17520  



We will send your complimentary information by return mail.  Don't miss this golden opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on the key high school audience at this time.  NOW is the time to select a high school or schools in your local area to receive a SPONSORSHIP to participate in this public-policy resource theme-packet program. 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT THE SCHOOL(S) - we will take care of all the details directly with the Social Studies Department Chair in each school.  This method eliminates the possibility of getting bogged down in the bureaucratic red tape that might possibly delay getting this exciting program "rolling" in a school. 

TOTAL COST for the entire program - nine (9) monthly teacher/student resource packets made available to the entire student body through the Social Studies Department - is $250.00.  If five (5) folks in a high school area each chip in $50.00, the cost is very modest per sponsor, and the per-pupil cost is low, indeed.  Please choose to SPONSOR your high school(s) today.  

 The following theme-packet materials have been sent to participating high school Social Studies Department Chairs and Classroom Teachers throughout the United States for use in their classrooms during the 2010-2011 school year.



Our September public-policy resource packet was mailed to Social Studies Department Chairs and Classroom Teachers across the Nation.  This is an exciting 76-page teacher/student resource concerning the Declaration of Independence & Constitution of the United States.  The material is strongly academic & pro-America in content & tone. Complete text of both of America's founding documents included.  Teachers have told us that this packet will become a standard curriculum feature that they will use in their classrooms over and over again through the years.


Our October theme-packet was sent to participating high school across the nation.   This packet contains 100 pages relating to the November 2nd elections - complete coverage of the races for the US House, US Senate & the various state Gubernatorial contests.  Major party candidates, current polling data, key issues analysis & media coverage were stressed.  This exciting material provided teachers & students the most up-to-date, in-depth materials available as run-up information to the November 2nd elections.  Packet was strongly academic & balanced.  Teachers responded very favorably to this activity.


Our November theme-packet featured a complete wrap-up of the November 2nd elections.  Results from the US House, US Senate, and State Gubernatorial campaigns, plus extensive analysis and commentary from a variety of sources and perspectives.  Over 75 pages of the very best post-election classroom-study material.

SPECIAL FEATURE - an "early bird" look at the possible candidates and issues for the 2012 race for the White House! 


As a former classroom teacher, I can assure you that this type of supplemental/enrichment material is not found in our schools’ textbooks – and will not be available to our teachers and students without the active participation of your sponsorship.

America’s future will depend to a great extent on the choices her young people make over time.

Will that future be a continuing march toward an ever-more centralized, collectivized society, or will we have the wisdom and courage to halt that march, reverse direction and restore the principles of individual liberty and limited government that informed and motivated the Founders of our Republic?

Please keep in mind that values adopted during the crucial teen years tend to last a lifetime; therefore, your sponsorship of a school or schools will be an investment in the future of America.  Your dividend will be the creation of an entire generation of young Americans dedicated to the principles and values of a free, open and prosperous society.

SPONSORING a local school(s) would be an ideal community-service project for each of your local organizations throughout your state at this time.

Please help us reach and teach America’s young people the intellectual, moral and civic values and virtues they need to make the right choices for America to keep alive the sacred fires of freedom!

To get this exciting pro-America citizenship education program rolling in your local area high school(s) please contact me:

          C. Bernard Schriver                  717-665-3397

          Post Office Box 153               

          East Petersburg, PA 17520     cbschriver@dejazzd.com        

P.S.   I worked at the National Teenage Republicans (TARS) Headquarters in Washington, D.C. /Northern Virginia for over a decade some years back.  And, I was one of the earliest RONALD REAGAN for PRESIDENT activists.  I hope to hear from you soon.

P.P.S.  Please send me the names and addresses of folks you know who might like to receive complimentary information regarding this program.

The boys [and girls] of the rising generation are to be the men [and women] of the next, and the sole guardians of the principles we deliver over to them.

                                                Thomas Jefferson