NHDP - Senate President Sylvia Larsen's Statement on the State Senate Election Results

Concord - Senate President Sylvia Larsen released the following statement regarding the New Hampshire Senate election results:

"We recognize the voters have spoken and respect their decision. Over the past four years, Democrats in the New Hampshire Senate have worked tirelessly to pull through the recession and deliver real results to our constituents.  New Hampshire has the 2nd fastest job growth in the nation, and our unemployment rate is 40% below the national average.  In just the past few weeks, we have seen new companies come to our state and create thousands of new jobs. For the past three years New Hampshire has been the safest state in the nation.  


We have cut our drop-out at rate at time when nearly every other state across the country has seen theirs increase.  We passed health care reforms that will help control costs, and did it all while maintaining New Hampshire's advantage. I am certain that the positive impact we made will continue to be felt for years to come.


Democrats in the Senate will continue to work with our Republican colleagues to solve the very real challenges that face our state, and build upon the strong foundation that our Democratic leadership has made.  We will continue to move forward and work together in bipartisan cooperation to strengthen our economy and ensure a brighter future for our state."