AFP - Tell Obama Bureaucrats Gone Wild to "Show Me Your Agenda"

Obama Administration Bureaucrats are flocking to Cancun this week and American taxpayers are picking up the tab.

They will join radical environmentalist at the United Nations "Climate Change" conference to plot their next moves to kill jobs, intrude on our freedoms and dictate the way we live our lives - all in the name of Al Gore’s radical global warming agenda.

Join AFP to help expose these Bureaucrats Gone Wild!

On December 2nd AFP will host a live webcast of our Hot Air Tour: Live from the U.N. Conference in Cancun - just as we did last year in Copenhagen and I'm asking you to join us.

Click here to participate in one of AFP's local Hot Air Tour viewing parties on December 2nd in your area.  You'll join fellow activists as you hear from local speakers and be briefed on the next steps in the ongoing battle to stop the Al Gore environmental extremism on our live webcast from the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancun. 

If you can’t join us at a local event tune in at 8:00 PM EST on December 2nd from home to view our live webcast from the U.N. Climate Change Conference. You will see footage of the Left's hypocrisy, a behind-the-scenes briefing on what the Gore/Obama team are planning on the global warming front and what you can do to protect our freedoms. Click here for webcast details.

Thanks to your hard work and the efforts of so many Americans the Left's most cherished goal, cap-and-trade is dead in Congress.  It's a huge victory for our freedoms, our economy and our movement.

But now, President Obama is using his Environmental Protection Agency bureaucracy to go around Congress and still implement the job-killing, cap-and-trade agenda that he’s been pushing since he was inaugurated.

Click here to take action and join AFP for our live webcast from the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancun

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. Last year in Copenhagen we stood up against the Al Gore environmental extremism and faced environmental extremist hypocrites that flew half way around the world to protest our event, bureaucrat hypocrites that took private town cars instead of using public transportation at the conference, and proud flag-waving socialist pushing their agenda.  Don’t believe me – click here to see everything that happened.  Don’t miss what might happen this year in Cancun!  Click here to join us for the Hot Air Tour: Live in Cancun!

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