CHQ - Tom Delay lost his way before the fall

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Tom Delay lost his way before the fall
Houston Chronicle -- Richard Viguerie recalls that, when Delay lost his conservative roots, he arrogantly proclaimed, "I am the federal government."

Why the Tea Party confounds doctrinaire liberals
Washington Times - Robert Knight writes that no matter how hard liberals try to spin it otherwise, the only public opinion poll that matters was the one taken on Nov. 2nd.  Knight debunks various attempts by liberals to paint the Tea Parties as extreme and outside the norm of American thought, arguing the evidence suggests it's just the opposite.

Senator Richard Lugar takes aim at the Tea Party
The State Column -- Siding with Democrats on some issues, Lugar is challenging the Tea Party to find someone worthy of defeating him in the Indiana GOP primary.

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The GOP's center-of-gravity is in Congress, not the presidential race -- Weekly Standard

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Richard Viguerie