Caucus to focus first on training lawmakers, then on uniting behind laws to secure individual rights

CONCORD, N.H.―A group of principled New Hampshire Legislators has organized a Natural Rights Caucus to ensure that an effective freshmen class can work with senior members to advance legislation that guarantees equal treatment under the law and defends individual rights to life, liberty and property.

The non-partisan Natural Rights Caucus, which will be narrowly focused on laws that advance the principles in Part I, Article 2 of the New Hampshire Constitution, held its first official meeting on Saturday, Nov. 27 in Concord to help freshmen members learn how to be successful in the House and Senate. Former Rep. Don Gorman, a four-term House member, led the training meeting that attracted a committed group of about 20 state Legislators during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

“It was very rewarding to lead a group of legislators who truly want to do what’s best for the people of New Hampshire,” Gorman said. “The dialogue was superior during the training session, and I’m confident this caucus is going to be influential in the state Legislature.”

To be clear, the Natural Rights Caucus will focus first on training its freshmen members leading up to the 2011-2012 Legislative session. Training will include lessons on proper decorum and rules of order, how to provide efficient testimony in committees, how to build effective coalitions, and how to avoid being intimidated or misled by senior members, agencies or lobbyists.

Members of the Natural Rights Caucus will then use their training to work as a voting bloc during the session. The caucus will be dedicated to preserving the rights of all New Hampshire citizens as articulated in Part I, Article 2 of the New Hampshire Constitution: “All men have certain natural, essential and inherent rights, among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting property; and in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.”

The Natural Rights Caucus was founded last week by Representatives-elect Seth Cohn (Canterbury), Jr. Hoell (Dunbarton), George Lambert (Litchfield), Andrew J. Manuse (Derry), Daniel Tamburello (Londonderry) and Mark Warden (Goffstown). Former Rep. Don Gorman will be an ex-officio member of the caucus who will serve as its legislative counselor.

“Given the large group of freshmen legislators the people sent to Concord this year, we believe there is a unique opportunity to quickly build an effective voting bloc that can truly leave ‘politics as usual’ in the past and move the people’s agenda forward,” said Rep.-elect Andrew J. Manuse, spokesman for the Natural Rights Caucus. “The great citizens of the state of New Hampshire want a government that protects their constitutional rights, not one that tramples them. It is our job in the Natural Rights Caucus to make sure every citizen’s life, liberty and property is equally protected under the law.”

For more information on becoming a member, e-mail members@naturalrightscaucus.org or visit www.naturalrightscaucus.org.


About The Natural Rights Caucus
The Natural Rights Caucus, formed in 2010, is a bipartisan, principle-driven coalition within the New Hampshire House and Senate committed to supporting legislation that adheres to the state constitution, defends individual rights to life, liberty and property, and ensures equal treatment under the law.