CHQ - Viguerie’s list of election winners, losers and ‘irrelevants’

(Manassas, Virginia) The following is a statement by Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of, regarding the winners, losers and those who have shown to be irrelevant in the 2010 elections:

          "It's been obvious for some time that Tea Partiers are a transformational force in American politics, and will continue to be for years. Yesterday's election results show there are a number of other key winners and losers, and political 'irrelevants.'

                                 LOSERS                             IRRELEVANT
Jim DeMint                               John Cornyn                        Michael Steele
Sarah Palin                               Nancy Pelosi                      GOP Senate Leaders
Tea Party                                  Barack Obama                   Republican National Committee
Mike Pence                              (if you vote against me       Republican Senate Committee
Haley Barbour                          you'll pay a price)                Republican House Committee
Michele Bachmann                  Obamacare   
Marco Rubio                             Democrat Blue Dogs   
U.S. Constitution                      Earmarks   
Rush Limbaugh                        Trent Lott
                                                   30+ Democratic
                                                   Congressmen who will
                                                   be redistricted out of
                                                   office in 2012