Mosca, Numbers, and a Big Move to Prime Time for “More Politically Alert”

Columnist extraordinaire Ed Mosca (not one of the incoming 298, sad to say) is the guest for the full hour this week on More Politically Alert which aired live on Manchester Cable 23 and is now available worldwide at  The show will also repeat Sunday at noon and Tuesday at 11 p.m. in Manchester.

Since the show aired before all the numbers were in and totally crunched, it's mostly a free wheeling discussion without getting into specific numbers, but in the last two days, I've been crunching to beat the band and next week's show will feature a smorgasbord of numbers, truly the kind of information you find only on More Politically Alert.  For example, where else would you learn that in the 24 State Senate races, 251,815 votes were cast for Republicans, 186,016 for Democrats, a 57.5-42.5 split...or that the average margin was 2741 votes, 10,492-7751. 

We've also discovered information that despite the Republican sweep, there were actually a few more same day Democratic than Republican registrations in Manchester, but UND dominated.

The usual features will all be there:  Brother Can You Spare a Quote (yes, lots of them); Heard on the Grapevine; Mother's Milk or Granny’s Hooch; The Reading Room (three or four books to get to); Thumbs Up Thumbs Down; Sad But True; and Shame on You; The Media Watch; our Provocative Question of the Week (PQOTW)...the whole shebang.   How about this for a PQOTW…What does Ed Mosca share in common with your humble host?  The answer of course is that they’ve both been banned from op-ed columns in the Union Leader which would rather focus on pablum puff from KathytheS’s pen.

As I was going door to door, I also came up with material for Vaillancarnak, the skit we do in honor of the late, great Johnny Carson.  For example, having never before seen the question, Vaillancarnak will divine the answer to be, “More time to peel potatoes.”  You’re way ahead of me if you heard the Channel 23 election night coverage when defeated State Rep candidate Bob Backus was not amused!

With the Legislative session starting up December 1, More Politically Alert will be leaving the noon Wednesday time slot.  Beginning that day (my birthday by the way), the show will air live at 9 p.m. Wednesday.  That's when we'll take calls, including perhaps from our Western correspondent in Las Vegas (yes, my cousin a black jack dealer in mourning these days over the Angle race--hey, you can't win 'em all!).  There's no truth to the rumor that if you call in, you have to send a birthday present.