NHElection.info - Basking in Victory!

By now you know the outcome of Tuesday's electoral tsunami. While Governor Lynch was re-elected to an unprecedented fourth term, it was by his narrowest margin ever. John Stephen's credible run against arguably the most popular politician in New Hampshire history helped the wave of Republican wins go deep.

While there are still many recounts (one in the State Senate, and 21 requested in the House) the outline is as follows. All five Executive Council seats are now Republican, and by comfortable vote margins. Both Congressional Seats went Republican, and our open US Senate seat remained Republican. Additionally, Kelly Ayotte achieved the highest vote percentage of any US Senate candidate across the country this fall.

In the State Senate, 19 seats are Republican, with one Democratic seat under recount. In the House, 294 seats are Republican, subject to the outcome of the 21 requested recounts. And numerous county positions went Republican as well.

We have updated the 52 Pickup page, and the results are truly remarkable. All but four legislators will not be returning, subject to the outcome of recounts.

See for yourself and bask in the victory!


The Statistician