CHQ - Take our poll: What would you cut in the federal budget?

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What would you cut in the federal budget? watching TV interview programs, George Getz has watched in shock when Tea Party leaders, Republican officeholders, and prominent conservatives struggle to identify specific items, programs, etc. to cut from the budget. So, Getz has come up with a list of 10. And you can vote on the 3 ideas you like the best.

The future of the Tea Party is leadership at the local level - Erick Erickson introduces the New Leaders Project, which seeks to identify and assist new conservative leaders at the local level across the country. Erickson points out that the Tea Parties must begin fostering their own 'bench' of leaders who believe in limited government and must not count on the national GOP to do it for them.

Just exactly who is calling Sarah Palin "too dumb" to be President?
American Spectator -- Jeffrey Lord writes conservatives generally, Palin, Reagan and even George Washington -- all judged too "dumb" by the ruling elites.

RNC chairman candidates to face Tea Party scrutiny -- The Daily Caller

It's time for a primary challenger to Sen. Dick Lugar -- Hot Air

Georgia Rep. Jack Kingston has a blueprint to change Congress's culture of spending - Wall Street Journal

Sarah Palin's new book is nearly a perfect setup for 2012 -- Washington Examiner

Fred Upton's liberal voting record is a textbook example of why Republicans were kicked to the curb -- Human Events

The veteran vote went heavily GOP in 2010 -- National Review Online

GOP has sights set on White House, but who will run? - Los Angeles Times

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