Project Censored: The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010 is now is available online

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Censored 2011 : The Top Censored Stories of 2009-2010 is now available on line 

This year's volume is truly Media Democracy in Action. Not only does it cover the most under-reported stories the corporated media ignore, but this year's Censored Deja Vu, Junk Food News and News Abuse, Signs of Health, and FAIR's 10 th anniversary of Fear and Favor in the News Room. 

A full Truth Emergency section debuts this year for Censored 2011 to address State Crimes Against Democracy as well as analysis of the corporate media spin that led to the Iraq War and continues to hide US allied atrocities in the Middle East.

Project Censored now had over 30 college and university affiliates contributing on our expanding websites and we introduce this year the Project Censored International section of the book, reviewing global trends in media control and censorship.

Former Director Peter Phillips and new director Mickey Huff describe the new directions of the Project and research methodology plus an update from Dave Mathison on Being the Media, London's Index on Censorship and much, much more !

From now to January 15th, anyone donating $30 or more to the Project will receive a signed copy of "Censored 2011" by the editors. Regular orders can be sent though the store on the Project Censored website for $19.95 plus $3 shipping and handling. Mail orders can be sent to Media Freedom Foundation, P.O. Box 571, Cotati, CA 94931.

Thank you for your support of Project Censored and for helping fight media censorship.