Power Trio On More Politically Alert (Plus Books for 2010)

I have confirmed three guests for More Politically Alert Wed, Dec. 15, live at 9 p.m. (channel 23) with the usual reruns Thurs. at 9 p.m., Sunday at noon, and Tuesday at 11 pm.   I'm promoting it (only half tongue in cheek) as More Politically Alert welcomes the three most powerful men in the state, House Speaker William O'Brien, Senate President Peter Bragdon and....no not John Lynch (how much power can you have when your party is outnumbered 298-102 and 19-5?) but rather House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt.  Manchester residents will be able to call in (413-0223) with questions (and actually people from anywhere in the world can watch and call in since it's live on the web at Manchestertv.org, click on public TV page).    The following day, the show is also available worldwide at vimeo.com/channels/mpa.


Year In Review Show

The station is closed the week between Christmas and New Years, so the year in review show will air live Wednesday, Dec. 22 (9 p.m.)....with a panel including conservative Ed Mosca, libertarian Dennis Goddard (who has a show on Concord TV and statewide) and former Alderman, Mayoral aide, and TV host Rich Girard.  We'll all reveal choices for such things as person of the year, sportsman of the year, story of the year, winners, losers, surprises of the year, etc.


A Christmas Book List

For this week’s show, I'm doing a list of a dozen non-fiction books (plus two fiction), suitable for giving at Christmas time.   Plus the usual stuff (thumbs up to Charlie Arlinghaus, thumbs down to Harrell Kirstein).   It's already aired, but the reruns are the usual time at the manchestertv.org address and it should soon be up on vimeo.com/channels/mpa


Here’s the complete list.  Have a merry!


More Politically Alert’s 2010 Christmas Books



Washington, A Life by Ron Chernow


Madison and Jefferson by Andrew Burstein and Nancy Isenberg


Revolutionaries: A New History of the Invention of America

 by Jack Rakove


James Madison and the Struggle for the Bill of Rights

                        by Richard Labunski


1960:  LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon by David Pietrusza


1920:  The Year of Six Presidents by David Pietrusza


A Magnificent Catastrophe, The Tumultuous Election of 1800

                        by Edward Larson


Game Change, Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin

                        by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin


Citizens of London, The Americans with Stood with Britain in Its Darkest, Finest Hour (Murrow, Harriman, John Winant)  by Lynne Olson


The Murrow Boys, Pioneers on the Front Lines of Broadcast Journalism                       by Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud



K Blows Top, A Cold War Comic Interlude Starring Nikita Khrushchev

                        by Peter Carlson


Recarving Rushmore, Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty 

by Ivan Eland





Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving


City of Thieves by David Benioff  (set in the siege of Leningrad)                         



In presenting the list, I made one error which will be corrected next week.  Any idea what?  Hint:  1924, not 1920.