CEI Weekly: Federal Regulations Are Killing Jobs



Feature: Ben Lieberman talks about job-killing regulations.


FEATURED STORY: Federal Regulations Are Killing Jobs


As officials in the Obama Administration wax poetic about job creation, federal agencies are generating new regulations that are killing American jobs. CEI Associate Fellow Ben Lieberman had an op-ed in The New York Post this week on industries that are being forced to cut jobs because of the federal government. Read the op-ed here. 





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December 8, 2010: What's Driving Ethanol Subsidies


CEI Research Associate Brian McGraw talks about the federal government’s multi-billion dollar subsidies for ethanol, which is now dismissed even by environmental groups as an inferior alternative to gasoline. He also explains what lies in ethanol’s near future. Brian was also recently interviewed on RTV’s Thom Hartmann Show, which you can watch here.