The Fair Sharing of the Common Heritage Award

Announces The Fair Sharing of the Common Heritage Award

Nominations are being accepted for the Fair Sharing of the Common Heritage Award.  These submissions can be published or unpublished articles, or works in progress that express the ideas behind the original economic and social theories of Alfred Frederick Andersen

The Common Heritage Award articles should propose and describe ways in which such sharing could be accomplished. Andersen’s work is recognized by the Media Freedom Foundation and Project Censored as an annual award to be given to the person that best reflects how the Fair Sharing of the Common Heritage can work in our culture. An example of such sharing would be the promotion of an idea that natural resource extractors would be required to pay the value of the resources into a Common Heritage fund for all living things.
  • 1. First place winner will receive $3,500 award
  • 2. Second place winner will receive $1,500 award
  • Winners will receive their award at the annual Media Freedom Foundation/ Project Censored Awards Ceremony in Berkeley, California, February 5, 2011. Transportation costs to Berkeley will be available to the winners.
  • To submit a nomination send no more than a one-page summary of completed articles and specific URL to the original article to:
  • For unpublished articles, submit full copies to:


    The Common Heritage Award. P.O. BOX 571. COTATI, CA 94931

    All nominations must be received by January 5, 2011. Winners will be announced and notified by January 10, 2011. Winning articles will be linked to the Project Censored website and published online. Dorothy N. Andersen and family have provided funding for this award. Judges are comprised of family members and board directors of Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored ( The decision of the judges is final and appeals will not be accepted. No late entries will be considered.

    We look forward to the process of honoring the values of Alfred and Dorothy Andersen

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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