NHDP - In Case You Missed It: Bill O'Brien Tried to Outsource NH Jobs

In O'Brien the 'O' is for outsourcing your job


Concord - In 2005, Bill O'Brien, the current Republican Speaker of the New Hampshire state House, and his newly named chief of staff Bob Mead, created a company to send jobs overseas.  According to an article in Sunday's Concord Monitor, the company OutLex Legal Services was formally launched in January of 2006 and O'Brien had already lined up people in India ready take Granite State jobs.


"Bill O'Brien shamefully tried to get rich by killing New Hampshire jobs," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Sending New Hampshire jobs overseas devastates our local economy, leaving Granite State citizens out of work.  But O'Brien was more than ok with New Hampshire residents losing their jobs, he actually tried to make money by sending them overseas."


At the time, O'Brien said that he was targeting 'small to medium law firms and corporate law departments.'  The business model was unsuccessful, and after two years OutLex closed.  But O'Brien commented, "If you can get a venture capitalist who wants to put couple million dollars into it, I'll try again."


"He would try again?  Seriously?" asked Kirstein.  "Is the entire Republican House caucus pro-outsourcing New Hampshire jobs or just their Speaker?  Is sending New Hampshire jobs to foreign companies going to be a priority for Republican legislators during the next session? " 


The full text of the Concord Monitor article on O'Brien's outsourcing company can be found here.