NHDP - House Republican Leader Goes on Religious Tirade

House Republicans continue pursuing extreme Bible Belt agenda


Concord - After introducing himself as a State Representative from New Hampshire, David Bates (R Windham and Salem) went on a religious tirade saying that "the only hope for America" is to "turn from our wicked ways and ask god to heal our land."  Bates continued, "the problem we have here in this country and in each of our states is that we no longer fear god." (VIDEO)


Bates was speaking at the New England Solemn Assembly in Plymouth Massachusetts a few weeks ago.  He was recently named Chair of the Election Law committee by Republican Speaker Bill O'Brien, and was also a member of O'Brien's transition team.


"Why does House Republican leadership appear so intent on forcing their Bible Belt social agenda upon the people of New Hampshire?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Radical social conservative have filed countless legislative requests for bills that infringe on equality and individual rights."


Before ending his speech, Bates turned to politics.  He was "pleased" to tell the crowd that "change" was coming to the New Hampshire legislature.  As state Representative, Bates has sponsored legislation that would prevent the state from intervening in cases of child abuse, neglect or even molestation. (CACR-29)  In the upcoming session, Bates has requested bills that restrict a woman's right to make her own medical decisions, deny New Hampshire citizens equal rights, and abolish education standards. (gencourt.state.nh.us)


"The proposals from Rep. Bates and his extremist allies in the House are out of touch with New Hampshire values," continued Kirstein.  "Granite State citizens want their elected representatives focused on creating jobs, not abandoning children to abuse and neglect nor trampling on individual rights."