AFP - One last Pelosi/Reid spending spree to STOP


Harry Reid's lame duck Senate is pushing one last out-of-control, earmark laden $1.1 trillion "omnibus" spending bill and I'm asking you to make sure you tell your Senators to vote NO CLICK HERE

And, Republicans need to hear from us just like the Democrats do so please contact both your Senators now.

Just 4 eye-popping numbers in the Reid "omnibus" spending bill say it all:

*1,924 pages long at $575.13 million spent per page

*$1 billion -- for pre-funding of the un-Constitutional Obama/Pelosi/Reid health care takeover 

*6,488 pork-barrel earmarks identified so far

Think about this.  After failing to complete its budget for yet another year, this failed Senate is pushing this $1.1 trillion monstrosity of deficit spending. 

As Harry Reid arrogantly said, "We're not through.  Congress ends January 4." 

So Reid is ignoring the November 2nd election and thumbing his nose at the American people with this "omnibus" spending bill.  Let's not let him get away with it. 

He needs 60 votes to force a vote so let's make sure he does not get it.


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PS: Our friends at Taxpayers Against Earmarks have a great database of all the pork-barrel requests and the latest earmark news at

PPS: We hear some retiring Republicans are considering voting for this disaster.  Let's make sure anyone willing to fund ObamaCare in exchange for a bunch of pork-barrel earmarks knows what a terrible legacy that will leave.  Let's tell all the members of both parties that forcing a massive spending bill like this through in the lame duck is just wrong.  Contact your senators by CLICKING HERE.