CEI Daily - Obamacare, Beer Sales, and the TSA




Yesterday, a Virginia federal judge ruled federal health care legislation unconstitutional.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader talks about Obama's defense of health care legislation and conservative reactions to that defense.


"Doug Powers takes aim at the silly argument by the Obama administration that opposing Obamacare is analogous to opposing basic civil rights. As he and Michelle Malkin note, if Obamacare is such a civil right, why are employers — and even labor unions that backed the law — seeking waivers from its onerous requirements?"




Beer Sales


The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court upheld a ruling allowing Wegmans grocery store to sell beer. 


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton explains the decision.


"The ruling found that the state liquor control board was in the right when it issues licenses to the grocery chain to sell beer so long as the store has a restaurant with seating for 30 or more, a food menu, and a minimum of 400 square feet. The Malt Beverage Distributors in the state are, predictably, unhappy with the ruling."





As people prepare to fly home for Christmas, many are bracing themselves for uncomfortable encounters with the TSA.


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young criticizes TSA security measures.


"Public outrage at the TSA’s new policies has died down. That’s a real shame. If people stop pressing the issue, full-body scanners and pat-downs aren’t going anywhere.[...] It is well past time to abolish the TSA. The resources it squanders on security theater would be better used on security."