CHQ - Happy Birthday [Original] Tea Party

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Happy Birthday [Original] Tea Party
Fox Nation - The famous Boston tea party was today in 1773. Seems like we have many of the same problems today that led colonial patriots to dump tea in Boston Harbor, doesn't it?

Peter Ferrara:  The New "Big Picture" in Washington, Starring Paul Ryan
American Spectator - Former Reagan Administration official Peter Ferrara argues there's a new "big picture" in Washington over the budget battles to come, and Rep. Paul Ryan will lead them. With Ryan in charge, Ferrara reasons, business-as-usual just headed out of town. 

Sign a statement of support and thank you to Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli for his fight in court against Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich:  Court Ruling Was an Enormous Victory for Liberty
Human Events - Newt Gingrich says the historic Obamacare ruling goes farther than mere healthcare matters.  It's victory for all Americans who love liberty. Gingrich highlights the role of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in leading the fight and asks conservatives to continue to support him.

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Why Does the Ruling Class Hate Sarah Palin So Much? -- American Thinker

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"A Total Mess": GOP in Revolt Over Massive New $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill -- Hot Air

Does Mike Pence Opposition to the Tax Bill Indicate He's Running for President? -- Washington Examiner (blog)

Establishment GOP Insiders Line Up to Oust Steele -- Daily Caller

John Thune Takes a Swipe at Mitt Romney? [VIDEO] -- ABC News

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The Tea Party Was Runner-Up in Time's Person of the Year. Who's Your Pick?

At Holiday Time, Who's the Biggest Political Turkey of the Year?

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