Jeb Bradley NH Senate - Help Our Troops Come Home for the Holidays

Dear Friends,

As we gather with friends and family for the Holidays there is much all of us have to be thankful for.

While we enjoy this special time of the year, a large number of New Hampshire men and women who serve in the New Hampshire National Guard are stationed in Kuwait. The 197th National Guard Brigade deployed on September 11, 2010 for training, and in November they left for Kuwait. This is one of the largest deployments in New Hampshire history. These brave men and women will not be home to share the Holidays with friends and loved ones.

As you may recall, last year another New Hampshire Guard unit was training prior to deployment. Your generous donations helped insure they could return home for the Holidays.

This year I am hoping you will again join me in assisting the Guard by donating to the New Hampshire Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund. In particular, this fund assists families of military members who are deployed. That assistance can range from fuel oil assistance, help with car repairs or any of a myriad of expenses that can occur for a family who has a husband or wife, father or mother on active duty. This fund serves all branches of the military, not just the Guard.

To learn more about the Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund please go to:

Chaplain's Emergency Relief Fund
New Hampshire National Guard
C/O Fund Trustees
P.O. Box 3448
Concord NH 03302-3448.
Your donation is tax deductable.

Members of the New Hampshire National Guard have told me that the knowledge their families have the resources they need is critical and comforting while a member of the Guard is serving our nation in harm's way. Family members are unsung heros and we can make their lives a
little easier while a loved one is serving overseas.

Thank You As Always For Your Consideration and I Wish You Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2011.

Yours Truly,

Jeb Bradley