McCotter to vote 'NO' on tax agreement

McCotter Opposes “Compromised” Tax Bill

Washington, D.C. - In advance of today’s tax vote on the inaptly-named “Middle Class Tax Relief Act,” U.S. Representative Thaddeus G. McCotter delivered the following remarks on the House Floor: 

“Amidst our tumultuous Age of Globalization, wherein big government’s restructuring is not merely desirable but inevitable, the sovereign people’s Congressional servants must facilitate the conditions for sustainable economic growth so people can work; and preserve and promote Americans’ economic preeminence in the world.

To accomplish these vital tasks, government must adopt deep and enduring tax relief, and spending, deficit and debt reduction.  These policies are neither novel nor fashionable.  They are necessary.   

Therefore, because I oppose raising taxes, increasing deficits and debt, and worsening the entitlement crisis, I fundamentally object to this compromised tax bill’s following provisions:

  1. A permanent tax increase in exchange for a temporary tax reprieve, since any and all tax increases in a recession retard a recovery; and
  1. A raid on Social Security requiring increased federal debt to fund a temporary tax gimmick that will not increase sustainable employment.

Despite its proponents’ best intentions, this bill will not end the suffering of unemployed and economically anxious Americans.  It will prolong it.  For we cannot delay the day of big government’s restructuring; and, in endeavoring to do so, we make the inevitable more painful, more prolonged, and, because it was unnecessary, more deplorable.

Finally, to those Republicans who claim no choice but to vote for a flawed bill now rather than wait three weeks for a better one, I disagree.  Such a view is analogous to General Custer prior to the Battle of the Little Big Horn stating:  “We must strike now before there are more of us.”

Recognizing this folly, it is my sincere hope and goal that, come the 112th Congress, new legislation will be introduced that rectifies this bill’s failings; and commences a lasting American economic renaissance.”

To view Rep. McCotter’s speech, please click here.