AFP - A Grassroots Victory

Need more evidence you're making a difference?

Without you and millions of fellow grassroots activists, there's no way Harry Reid would have pulled the $1.1 trillion "omnibus" spending boondoggle off the Senate floor yesterday afternoon.

Earlier this week, we asked you to email and/or call your members of the Senate to tell them to vote NO on the "omnibus" bill.  As usual, tens of thousands of you took action and the phone lines and email links to the Senate were on fire. 

You also called into talk radio shows, posted links on Facebook, spread the word on Twitter, and forwarded info to your email lists.  Our friends from the blogosphere went the extra mile in telling their readers just how egregious this spending bill would have been.  After all your combined efforts, within days an outrageous $1.1 trillion spending bill that in past years would have sailed through with unified Democrat support and substantial Republican support was deader than a doornail.  

For more details on the "omnibus" bill that you defeated check out this analysis from our friends at Heritage

We've got a big year coming up with many more battles for our economic freedom.  But know this:  when we fight, when we make our voices heard, we can win.

Much lies ahead!



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PS:  As long as this lame duck Congress stays in session, we are still at risk of more big-government disasters.  Join us on to keep the fight going. 

PPS: Play our Lame Duck Hunt game as a fun way to draw attention to the real threats that could lie ahead for this lame duck Congress