Heritage: When will the lame duck Congress end?


One year ago, the Senate convened on Christmas Eve to pass the Obamacare bill. Despite an election which seemed to repudiate the direction our country was headed in, the lame duck Congress is still in session just a week before Christmas again this year.

What are they working on?

1. A two-year extension of the current tax rates which is going to be a bad deal for taxpayers as it is filled with hundreds of billions in subsidies and spending, with no long term certainty for our tax rates.

2. Ratification of the New START treaty with Russia. This treaty raises serious questions about verification as well as our ability to deploy an adequate missile defense system, not to mention the dangerous precedent of considering a major treaty in a lame duck session of Congress.

3. A pork-laden “omnibus” spending bill. It appears as though Senate Democrats will not bring this bill to the Senate floor.  But, it is written and available should they change their mind before they adjourn sometime next week.

Heritage continues to offer conservative solutions. So, I wanted to share two of our latest products with you.

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Second, is a link to our Understanding America series, which has two new booklets available to read on What is America’s Role in the Word and Why Does Sovereignty Matter to America?

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season.