- NH Senator Odell Chairs new Energy and Natural Resources Committee

In his Dec. 19, 2010 column on, New Hampshire Senator Odell writes,

"... the committee that handled Fish and Game and wildlife issues has been added to the Energy, Environment and Economic Development Committee... renamed the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. I will chair the committee for the next two years but will ask Senator John Gallus (Berlin) to preside when wildlife and Fish and Game Department issues are before the committee."

"The New Hampshire Legislature has given substantial powers to the Senate President and Speaker of the House." "The chief of staff's salary has been slashed, positions have been eliminated and the goal is to reduce legislative branch annual spending by $250,000."

"Senator Matt Houde (Plainfield) will Chair the Judiciary Committee, the only appointment of a Democrat to a committee chairmanship."

"[The 10 member Fiscal Committee] lineup is in place, ready for the work to begin."