CEI Daily - College Tuition, Gambling, and Citizens United


College Tuition


Forbes magazine recently had an article about how college tuitions are ripping off the public.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader explains why college educations aren't worth the price. 


"An increasing number of Americans have gone to college in recent years, at enormous expense to taxpayers, students’ families, and the students themselves. But most of the increase has ended up in unskilled jobs that require no more than a high school diploma to perform competently. For example, 5,057 janitors have Ph.D’s or other advanced degrees. By one estimate, 17 million Americans have economically useless college degrees, a number that the Obama administration’s policies would increase further."






The Pennsylvania State Lottery Commission is pushing for the continued prohibition of online gaming.


Research Associate Brian McGraw criticizes the state-sponsored gambling industry.


"The state’s involvement in gambling is morally dubious and hypocritical. Gambling in many instances effectively functions as a regressive tax, much like taxes on cigarettes or alcohol. While the right for an individual to do what he or she wants is a bedrock of our society, and it is the primary reason why gambling should be liberalized, the government should not participate in encouraging consumption of these services. With one hand the government is attempting to redistribute wealth via progressive taxation, yet monopolistic state lotteries exist everywhere and much of the funding they are giving to seniors, etc. is coming from low income taxpayers."



Citizens United


Former Supreme Court Justices Stevens and O'Connor have come out publicly against the Citizens United ruling.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader argues that the court made the right decision in Citizens United.



"Giving corporations free speech rights is necessary to protect the rights of the people they employ. If companies didn’t have free speech rights, they could be held liable for the constitutionally protected speech of their employees and agents, effectively forcing them to censor such people."