CEI Daily - Global Warming, Alcohol and Obamacare


Global Warming


With the recent cold temperature around the globe, many Global Warming Alarmists claim that the severe winter is actually caused by Global Warming.


CEI's, Director of the Center of Energy and Environment, Myron Ebell, dispels this myth.


"According to Ebell, if the Arctic was getting warmer, the air rushing south would also be warm. This would reduce the difference between the two meeting pressure systems, leading to less severe winter weather. This hasn’t happened."






Around the Country, many States are enacting their own regulatory rules dealing with alcoholic beverages.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton has the Regulatory Roundup.


"Maryland: Lawmakers will likely pass a measure next year allowing direct shipping of wine to Maryland residents. Vineyards, especially smaller wine makers, claim that direct shipping increases demand and their ability to compete with larger producers. Wholesalers, as usual, oppose the measure as it circumvents their long-held grip on the distribution of alcohol in Maryland."




After the passage of Obamacare, many have wondered about the impact it will have on State budgets.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader argues that Obamacare will make State budget problems worse.


"Obamacare is making state budget problems much worse, as governors now lament. Earlier, CEI filed an amicus brief in Florida v. HHS on behalf of two governors explaining how the radical changes to state Medicaid programs resulting from Obamacare violated limits on congressional power under the Constitution’s spending clause. Some of the fiscal burdens Obamacare imposes on states are obviously huge, while many others are ambiguous, unpredictable, and contingent on bureaucratic caprice, and uncertain future events."