Granite State Patriot Liberty PAC - Jack Kimball Seeks NH GOP Chairmanship

Announcement for GOP Chairmanship

As you may be aware I announced that I will seek the position of NH GOP Chairman.  If you will support me in this endeavor, I ask that you make your positions known by writing a letter to the editor to any of New Hampshire's major newspapers, or by commenting on any existing articles dealing with my decision.  These comments by you can help sway the vote in our favor.  Below is the press release of my announcement.
Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year.
In Liberty,

Jack Kimball announces he will seek the NH GOP Chairmanship
Portsmouth, December 21, 2010:
Jack Kimball, the leading conservative Republican in the State of New Hampshire, and past candidate for New Hampshire Governor, is pleased to announce that he will be seeking the New Hampshire GOP Chairmanship.
"First let me state what an absolutely tremedous job Chairman Sununu did at building a foundation that has strengthened the organizational discipline of the Replublican Party in New Hampshire.  Bravo!", stated Jack Kimball.  "I pledge that I will continue the strong constituent services established by Sununu, but I will also work tirelessly to represent all the new and returning Republicans that were so vital to this past election."
Jack Kimball is a successful small-business owner, a trusted conservative activist, and a proud Reagan-Republican.  Jack has been a resident of the "Live Free or Die" State for 40 years, and built a thriving business from a one man operation to a well oiled machine with over 60 employees and over 80 loyal customers.
"I know what it takes for an organization to be victorious.  Whether it is a prosperous business such as mine, or a successful party committee, it takes strong organizational skills, united with a cohesive outreach initiative to ensure the NH GOP stays on sure footing.  Building the party strength through membership and fundraising will be my top priorities, while making sure that the Republican Party stays true to the principals of Lincoln, Coolidge, and Reagan."

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