Jack Kimball receives two major endorsements

Today, Candidate for the Chairmanship of the New Hampshire GOP Jack Kimball received one of the most important endorsements in the entire race. NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt have joined publicly in their support for Jack Kimball for NH GOP Chair . Excerpts from their endorsement:

The Honorably Bill O’Brien:

“Jack is a successful entrepreneur who has a proven understanding of the burdens a runaway legislature puts on New Hampshire’s small businesses. He is an effective communicator and a strong leader with principle and purpose. You need only look to the loyal grassroots base that Jack has organized over the past year to know that he can effectively energize people behind our continuing united message of lower taxes and spending.  I know Jack Kimball will build on the success of Gov. Sununu.  For that reason, I am endorsing Jack Kimball for State Party Chair and ask my colleagues in the House and on the State Committee to join me in supporting him.”

The Honorably D.J. Bettencourt:
“Jack has the courage of a leader and the determination of an activist but also is committed to making fund-raising for our party a top priority. He strikes a great balance and I have no doubt he would serve the party well as our next GOP Chairman.”

 “I am humbled” – was the first reaction from Jack Kimball.  “To have two committed and trusted public servants such as House Leader O’Brien and Majority Leader Bettencourt come out publicly in support of this endeavor is not only greatly appreciated, but is an indication of the type of party unification my chairmanship will bring to the NH GOP.  It is imperative that all New Hampshire Republicans have faith in knowing that a strong and cohesive partnership will exist throughout the NH GOP when I am elected.”

"Once again, I want to thank Bill and DJ for their support, and I pledge I will strive to serve the party with the same dedication and honesty that both of them have continuously demonstrated throughout their lives."