USTL praises House Republican Leader Boehner for Restoring Committee Chairman Limits


Fairfax, VA, December 22nd, 2010—U.S. Term Limits President Philip Blumel today praised House Republican Leader John Boehner for restoring House rules limiting the number of year a member of Congress can serve as the chairman of a committee.

"Speaker-elect Boehner is clearly listening to the American people, who don't want congressional committee chairmen to become institutions unto themselves.  Boehner deserves the thanks of all Americans," Blumel said. 

"Committee chairmen term limits will allow new blood to take leadership spots, and bring fresh ideas to key committees," Blumel added.

Under the new proposed rules, members will be limited to three two-year terms as committee chairmen.  This rule had existed under the previous Republican majority, but was eliminated when Democrats took control of the majority in 2007.

U.S. Term Limits is a leading citizen organization working toward the passage of legislative term limits around the country.  In October Blumel had written to Boehner on the issue of committee term limits: "I am writing to urge you in the strongest terms possible to reinstate the rule mandating term limits for chairmen of committees of the House."

The letter reminded House Republican Leader Boehner that in 1995 one of the first acts by the first Republican-controlled House of Representatives was to establish term limits for committee chairs.   "This had a very positive impact on the operations of the House," Blumel wrote.

"Beyond reducing the corrosive power of seniority, the term limits rule encouraged scores of younger members to take a more active role in shaping policy by offering the opportunity," the letter continued.

Blumel called on lawmakers to go a step further and support a Constitutional amendment establishing term limits for all members of Congress. U.S. Term Limits supports an amendment proposed by Senator Jim DeMint to limit members of the House to three two-year terms, and members of the Senate to two six-year terms.

"The American people want citizen legislators, not career politicians who sit in office for a lifetime.  It's time to amend the constitution to limit the amount of time that can be served, and return the government to the people," Blumel concluded.