CEI Daily - Biofuel, TSA and Education




Over the last few years, we have heard conflicting reports regarding the merits of biofuel mandates.


Research Associate Brian McGraw compares and contrasts biofuel predictions and argues against any mandates.


"The ethanol industry is gearing up for battle in 2011. If the wide spectrum of groups have all realized that tax credits for corn ethanol is not a good idea, doesn’t it follow that building out infrastructure is an equally bad idea, if the end result is increased production of corn ethanol?"






The public has become more and more concerned about the security procedures utilized by the Transportation Security Administration.


Vice President for Policy Iain Murray argues that the procedures need to be changed.


"The individual performance of TSA officers is highly variable. They possess extreme discretionary powers, but there is little to no recourse for passengers who have bad experiences. Even worse, TSA officers essentially have power without responsibility."




In Forbes, economist Richard Vedder of Ohio University documents the blunders behind the Obama administration’s war on for-profit colleges that wiped out $8 billion in value for shareholders.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader explains why college tuition has increasingly become a rip-off.


"[M]ost of the people who have ended up in college due to increasing college-attendance rates in recent years  have ended up in unskilled jobs (such as 5,057 janitors with Ph.D’s or advanced degrees), and since the current college debt bubble dwarfs the housing bubble. (100 colleges now charge $50,000 or more a year, compared to just 5 in 2008-09.)"