CEI Daily - Education, Net Neutrality




Although America spends an incredible amount of money on education, some wonder if we are receiving a good return on our investment.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader questions whether it is time for big cuts in education spending.


"America spends far more on education than countries like Germany, Japan, Australia, Ireland, and Italy, both as a percentage of its economy, and in absolute terms. Yet despite this lavish government support for education, college tuition in the U.S. is skyrocketing, reaching levels of $50,000 or more a year at some colleges, and colleges are effectively rewarded for increasing tuition by mushrooming federal financial-aid spending. Americans can’t read or do math as well as the Japanese, even though America spends way more (half again more) on education than Japan does, as a percentage of income."




Net Neutrality


The FCC recently adopted compulsory net neutrality rules in defiance of just about everybody including the courts.


Vice President for Policy and Director of Technology Studies Wayne Crews argues that the FCC's entitled posture needs swift discipline.


"The challenge is not to enable and cheer a bloated FCC picking favorites among content and infrastructure providers, but for the agency to legitimize property rights, special agreements and novel contracts, and articulate how these advance the "background hum" of even greater openness that we enjoy."