CHQ - 2010 Newsmaker of the Year: The Tea Party

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2010 Newsmaker of the Year: The Tea Party
The Patriot News - Though questions remain about the movement's direction and ultimate future impact, there's no doubt the Tea Party was THE story of 2010. Tea Parties brought together limited government advocates from across America to call for a return to First Principles and the Constitution, which was the most important political development of the year.

Conservatives Split on Mike Pence Presidential Run
CHQ -- CHQ poll finds 50% want Pence to run for president, 46% for governor.

Tea Party Freshman Walks the Talk - Rep.-elect Joe Walsh (R-IL) is setting a good example by refusing to accept his Congressional health plan, despite his wife's pre-existing condition, which will make it personally costly to look for a plan on his own. We could use more leaders like Walsh who aren't afraid to take responsibility for their own well being.

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