CONCORD, N.H.― The Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (RLCNH) declared war today on humiliation and harassment of travelers at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, the state’s busiest air traffic hub.

The RLCNH has launched an online petition campaign at to replace government Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) employees at Manchester’s airport with privately contracted security personnel, as allowed by federal law.

“The TSA has changed their procedures and are now frequently employing intrusive, embarrassing hand-searches,” said RLCNH Chairman Andrew Hemingway. “Passengers at airports across America view these new techniques as groping, molestation, and harassment. In the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire, we don’t have to put up with it, and we are urging our elected officials to take action.”

The RLCNH’s concern is mirrored throughout the United States where reports have been streaming in of children forced to disrobe in public, breast cancer survivors being forced to remove their bras and prostheses, and TSA personnel thrusting their hands down people’s pants.

“Some people have referred to it as legalized groping,” said RLCNH Secretary Carolyn McKinney. “It is humiliating and degrading, as well as a massive affront to our personal liberty. Contrary to the opinion of some in the government, we do not check our rights when we check our bags.”

Federal law mandates that private contractors who replace the TSA at airports utilize the government’s standard for security measures. But the RLCNH leadership is confident that private security personnel are preferable to government employees. “Competition, as always, will make things better,” said Hemingway. “Private contractors have to provide good service to keep their contracts and, unlike their TSA counterparts, are accountable to their customers. We are confident that private companies will be more polite, more considerate, and more accommodating to people with special needs.”

The RLCNH plans to deliver petition signatures to the newly-elected Speaker of the House as well as the President of the Senate.