CEI Daily - Alfred Kahn, Montana Taprooms, and Taxes


Alfred Kahn


Alfred Kahn, who was instrumental in deregulating the airline industry, died this week.


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young praises Kahn's achievement. 


"Before Kahn, airlines had to get permission from the CAB to establish new routes or terminate old ones. The CAB set ticket prices, not the market. This prevented profitable or high-demand routes from being given adequate service, and kept money-losing, little-traveled routes open. It prevented airlines from keeping up with their customers’ ever-changing needs. [...] Washington could use more people like Alfred Kahn."




Montana Taprooms


Montana State Senator Ryan Zinke is trying to shift closing time for taprooms from 8pm to 10pm.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton explains current Montana law.


"While Montana has relatively liberal sales laws compared to other states, (beer and wine under 16 percent abv can be sold in grocery stores and bars stay open until 2 a.m.), the laws regarding brewpubs in the state are quite restrictive. Beyond the requirement that taps shut down at 8pm, brewpubs are also only allowed to serve 48 ounces of alcohol to each customer in a business day."





In the new CEI Podcast, Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young argues that the IRS should not be doing Americans' taxes for them.


Listen to the podcast here.