CEI Daily - Car Insurance and the TSA


Car Insurance


New driver monitoring programs allow insurance companies to more accurately estimate insurance costs.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton explains why insurance companies are offering these programs to customers for free.


"Believe it or not, insurance companies do not want to overcharge you. They want to charge just the right amount — as little as possible — just enough to cover any potential claims you are likely to file. Insurers want to charge the least they possibly can without losing money so that they can compete with other insurance companies for your business. To a large degree, what makes an insurance company successful is its ability to accurately predict your future accidents, illness, and catastrophes."





Though outrage over TSA procedures has died down in the last few weeks, holiday travelers have been less than thrilled about the new scans and patdowns.


CEI Vice President Iain Murray argues that the TSA should be held accountable for inefficient and offensive practices.


"To end these outrages and to bring accountability back to airport screening, the TSA's monopoly as a nationalized screening industry must end. A 2007 study for the TSA found that private screeners consistently outperformed the TSA bureaucrats, so the TSA suppressed it, earning the agency censure from the Government Accountability Office. Airports should be allowed to opt out of the federal system and hire their own screeners, who will be more responsive to customers and must comply with federal regulations in any event."