CEI Weekly: The EPA Wants YOU to Lose Weight

Friday, December 31, 2010



Feature: Environmentalists say man-made chemicals are causing America's weight problems; CEI's Angela Logomasini disagrees.


FEATURED STORY: The EPA Wants YOU to Lose Weight


Environmentalists are saying that certain man-made chemicals (dubbed "obesogens") are causing people to gain wait. Now the Environmental Protection Agency wants to solve Americans' weight problems by increasing environmental regulations. CEI Director of Risk and Environmental Policy Angela Logomasini had a column on FoxNews.com this week on why we shouldn't make chemicals the scapegoat for obesity. Read "What Will Really Make Us Fat in the New Year" here. 





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December 28, 2010: IRS as Tax Preparer?


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young looks at the IRS’ proposal to save you time by doing your taxes for you. Because you would be liable for any of the IRS’ mistakes, you would still have to check over your return. This negates much of the time savings. It could also cost employers as much as $5 billion in increased reporting requirements. Then there is the conflict of interest between your collector also being your tax preparer.