CEI Weekly: The Federal Pay Freeze That Isn't



Feature: Vincent Vernuccio explains why the "federal pay freeze" isn't really a pay freeze.


FEATURED STORY: The Federal Pay Freeze That Isn't


Obama says he's freezing federal salaries; but is he? In The Daily Caller, CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio explains why federal employees are still going to see pay increases, despite Obama's promises to the public. His article was picked up by several websites, including FoxNews.com





TSA Employees to Vote on Unionization

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Safety of Receipts at Issue

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Yes, Mr. FCC Chairman, There Is a Santa Claus

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Feds Pledge Some Action on Privacy, Less on Net Neutrality

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November 30, 2010: Food Safety, Washington-Style


CEI Senior Fellow Greg Conko looks at the major provisions of the food safety bill that the Senate is voting on today. The bill would set in stone ever-evolving best practices. Changes to plant inspection and food recall policies are a mix of ineffectiveness and perverse incentives that could raise food prices. Overall, the FDA is too blunt an instrument to be effective on this sensitive issue.