Shea-Porter’s Statement on the House Voting to Censure Congressman Rangel

Yesterday, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter voted to censure Congressman Charles Rangel.  The vote came after an Ethics Committee trial found Congressman Rangel guilty of eleven violations of House rules.  The resolution censuring Congressman Rangel passed by a vote of 333-79. 

“I have always been clear that should Congressman Rangel be found guilty, I would vote to uphold the Rules of the House and hold him responsible for his actions.  Today’s vote is a signal to all Members, both current and future, that the House of Representatives should always honor the integrity of this institution.  Members of Congress should always be held to the highest of ethical standards.”  said Shea-Porter. 

Censure is the strongest penalty that a Member of Congress can face, short of expulsion.  This is the first time the House has voted to censure a member in 27 years.