CHQ - Richard Viguerie: Most GOP Senators Not on Our Side

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Richard Viguerie:  Most GOP Senators Not on Our Side
CHQ --GOP Senate leaders have again shown their disconnect with grassroots conservatives, writes Viguerie.  "Big government Republican politicians have been completely tone deaf to the anger among grassroots conservatives and the reason for that anger."

Nikki Haley rolls up her sleeves in South Carolina
National Review Online - Governor-elect Haley's words reveal that she's going to be a star. Haley says she wants more than a large Republican majority in her state's legislature. She wants a large conservative majority that will be able to make real progress towards reducing the size of government.

RNC fundraising total falls far short of projections
Washington Times - All the rumors of pathetic fundraising numbers at the Republican National Committee are apparently true. Conservatives simply do not trust the GOP's national leadership to spend their money wisely, resulting in sizeable debts, as RNC members ponder who the next Chairman should be.

Independent Institute's Government Cost Calculator reveals real price of government - If you've ever wondered how much the federal government costs you in total taxes, or how much each activity of the government costs - then the Independent Institute's Government Cost Calculator will help you figure out the real numbers.

Mike Huckabee wants some respect for 2012 GOP race -- Politico

Democrats and Republicans are equally complicit in the upward march of government spending -- CATO Institute

American conservative women left off Time's "25 Most Powerful Women of the 20th Century" list -- American Thinker

It's not a question of whether Sarah Palin will run. She already is -- Pajamas Media

Joseph Farah:  The next chairman of the RNC must be a real conservative -- World Net Daily

South Carolina tea party groups are trying to build a coordinated, statewide network of activists - The State

Is an earmark lobbyist to be GOP Staff Director on the Appropriations Committee? -- Big Government

New York sends conservative Ann Marie Buerkle to Congress -- Human Events

Connecticut Tea Party state senator stirring up rebellion against state taxes, borrowing, and spending - Republican American

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Richard Viguerie