Freekeenenews - Local Democrat Joins Free Keene as Newest Blogger

There has long been critique surrounding Free Keene that it’s all about civil disobedience, when nothing could be further from the truth. From its early days, Free Keene has been a source for blogs about all manner of activism in Keene and NH, including politics. We have covered the campaigns of liberty-lovers for state house and city council throughout the last four years. However those posts are typically overshadowed by the civil disobedience because CD is so atypical and politics not-so-much, plus civil disobedience can happen anytime while politics is usually relegated to the campaign seasons. I had extended an invitation to local democrat Will May to blog here a long time back, so as to add extra balance to the content of Free Keene, and he has finally accepted. Free Keene welcomes as our newest blogger, Will May, the founder of the NH secessionist website,

Here’s his bio:
Will May (“Skeptikos”) – Will is not a libertarian. He moved to Keene in 2008 for the Free State Project, and, after one too many books by Paul Krugman, took a sharp turn to the left. Having been critical of Free Keene in the past, he intends to be the opposition blogger, providing an alternative perspective and the occasional debate. He still has a strong anti-authoritarian streak, however, and is working to promote a liberal-libertarian alliance in Keene.