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Everything Rests on the Tea Party's Richard Viguerie explains why the Tea Party is so important to the future of the conservative movement.

Will Tuesday be Ron Paul's big day in Congress?
The New American - Today's the day where the House Republican leadership will be issuing committee chairman assignments for the next Congress, and Rep. Ron Paul would normally be in line for a fairly important position. The question remains whether the leadership will actually honor Paul's seniority and expertise. If they don't, the grassroots will still be behind him.

Nevada GOP Gov.-elect opts for status quo, disappoints conservatives
Las Vegas Review-Journal - Chuck Muth says Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval is already disappointing conservatives in Nevada, and he hasn't even taken office yet. Sandoval's poorly thought-out staff hires demonstrate that little has changed in the Silver State, a sad turn of events in a location where the people can no longer afford the status quo.

Chuck Colson on Apple pulling pro-family Manhattan Declaration from its app store - SFGate--"If the Manhattan Declaration's positions alone are enough to have its app removed, then I have to wonder whether Apple is considering removing other Bible-based - or even Jewish or Islamic - apps from its store."

Conservative stalwart Ovide Lamontagne says he'll help set standard for the most conservative candidate in New Hampshire's 2012 presidential primary--The Hill

The Tea Party Movement is growing on campuses too -- Student Free Press (blog)

Would Beltway insiders back Mike Huckabee if it looked like he was the only candidate who could beat Sarah Palin?--
Hot Air

Prof. Randy Barnett teaching conservative state legislators about how to use Constitution more effectively--

Will the Montana Senate race tip the balance again in 2012? -- American Spectator

Michele Bachmann: GOP could scuttle tax deal tied to more government spending --
The Hill

Boehner endorses 'anti-earmark crusader' Jeff Flake to Appropriations Committee position --
The Daily Caller

"I don't care (right now) about WHO the next President is; I care about WHAT (a principled conservative) the next President is."--

Jeb Bush on immigration is more like President Obama than a Republican--
Washington Examiner

Young Republican running for state party chair remains hopeful for Maryland GOP --
Big Government

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Richard Viguerie