CHQ - Majority of Conservative Activists want Palin to Run in 2012

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Majority of Conservative Activists Want Palin to Run in 2012
CHQ - A recent poll conducted by revealed that a majority of conservative and Tea Party activists favor a primary run by Sarah Palin, though most do not believe she would win.

Did You Vote Republican for Nothing? - Erick Erickson says the GOP leadership's decision to put pork-loving Rep. Hal Rogers (and his lobbyist staff director) in charge of the Appropriations Committee is too much for conservatives to take sitting down, and urges you to call your Republican Congressman NOW to tell him or her to vote NO.

House GOP Steering Committee Hits Ditch, Picks Earmark-Happy Rogers, RINO Upton
Washington Examiner - Mark Tapscott argues that Republicans obviously haven't learned much from their time out of power as demonstrated by their poor committee choices (Rep. Hal Rogers for Appropriations Chairman and Rep. Fred Upton to head the Energy and Commerce Committee).

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