NH House Business Coalition Formed

Legislators Hope to Foster Strong Business Community in New Hampshire

(Concord, NH)  Delivering on the campaign promise of focusing on job creation and expanding New Hampshire’s economic base, a group of legislators have joined together to form a new group, named the New Hampshire House Business Coalition.  The group has been formed by Representatives Laurie Sanborn, D.J. Bettencourt, Thomas Keane, and others.  

The New Hampshire House Business Coalition is a group of like-minded, current NH House members, focused on evaluating and supporting legislation to promote job creation through strong, responsible business growth and success, and the reestablishment of the New Hampshire Advantage.

Chair and organizer Rep. Sanborn said, “We want to provide a vehicle for Representatives highly interested in promoting employment opportunities through the strength of our business community and economy.  Our vision is to make New Hampshire the best state in the nation in which to do business again.”

Sanborn continued, “We believe that by supporting the business community with responsible legislation, we are also promoting job creation and an expansion of our economic base in New Hampshire.”

Organizing members include the following Representatives: D.J. Bettencourt, Laurie Sanborn, Thomas Keane, Kenneth Kreis, Sr., Cameron DeJong, Mark Lindsley, Steve Winter, Brian Murphy, Keith Murphy, Beverly Rodeschin, Molly Smith, Daniel Tamburello, Kathy Lauer-Rago, Glenn Ritter, Kevin Avard, and more.  During the first week, almost 30 legislators have joined.

The group, known as NH-HBC, is planning to meet weekly and make recommendations on bills presented to the house on Session day.   All current NH House members interested in supporting responsible business growth are invited to participate. 

Vice Chair Keane concluded, “We believe that you cannot be pro-jobs unless you are pro-business.  It’s time to determine where excessive rules and regulations are hurting our NH business community.  Our goal is to once again make New Hampshire one of the most business friendly states in the nation.”