NHDP Chair Ray Buckley Calls on Ayotte, Guinta, and Bass to Forgo "Gov't Health Care"

Will Ayotte, Guinta, and Bass give up the health care they attacked on the campaign trail?


Concord - Today, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley called on Sen. Elect Kelly Ayotte, and Congressmen Elect Frank Guinta and Charlie Bass to refuse Congressional "government health care."  As candidates, all three spent months attacking the landmark health care reform legislation that expands coverage, ends the worst insurance industry abuses, and lowers costs, as "government run health care."


Kelly Ayotte called for the "Repeal of Government Health Care," and voiced support for the repeal bill sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. (Ayotteforsenate.com)  Frank Guinta told voters he was "philosophically opposed to government-run healthcare... [I] don't believe its Constitutional." (East Kingston on April 6th)  And that he didn't "think the government is the solution." (Wolfeboro, March 24th)  And Charlie Bass announced his support for the Tea Party agenda, and repealing 'government run health care' numerous times during the campaign.


"This blatant hypocrisy and putting the needs of Granite Staters second to their own personal comfort is absolutely shameful, said Buckley.  "That is why today, I am calling on Kelly Ayotte, Frank Guinta, and Charlie Bass to refuse to be part of the Congressional health care plan."


But Ayotte, Guinta, and Bass have all charged taxpayers for their health care before.  Bass was on the Congressional health care plan from 1994-2006.  Ayotte was on the state health care plan while working on Gov. Benson's legal counsel and in the Attorney General's office. (Nashua Telegraph, 10/3/2010)  And Frank Guinta charged Manchester taxpayers over $9,600.00 per year for health care as an Alderman - a job that pays less than half that amount. (Union Leader, 8/18/2003) And also during his two terms as Mayor.


"Apparently Ayotte, Guinta, and Bass are only opposed to so-called 'government health care' when New Hampshire residents benefit, not when they do," continued Buckley.  "It is clear where Ayotte, Guinta, and Bass's priorities lie, watching out for themselves and not caring about the rest of us."