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Memo Shows SEIU Setting Senate Schedule on Becker:  An email sent from an Service Employees International Union (SEIU) lobbyist to Democratic members of the U.S. Senate shows that the SEIU had advance knowledge of when key votes on Craig Becker were to be held. Becker is one of Barack Obama's nominees for the National Labor Relations Board.

VIDEO:  In the latest episode of Uncommon Knowledge, economists Richard Epstein and John Taylor discuss the statement, "We are all Keynesians now..."

Federal Construction Bids for Me and Not for Thee:  One year ago this past Saturday President Obama signed an executive order that reshapes the bidding process for federal construction projects in a manner that is heavily weighted in favor of unionized companies.

Debt Held By the Public:  Last week, Moody's issued a very public warning against the profligate spending of the federal government just a day after the Obama Administration released its ten-year budget plan that will add some $10.634 trillion to the national debt by 2020. According to the warning, "If the current upward trend in government debt were to continue and become irreversible, the [nation's Triple-A debt] rating could come under downward pressure."

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