Supporters of Peter Bearse for Congress in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District have announced release of a new website for their campaign -- It is a site that enables much more interaction with and among voters.

The old, last year’s site,, will still be accessible as a source of more detailed information about the candidate and his positions on some issues. Some people remarked that it contained “too much” information, not realizing that the site represented a candidate who will always err on the side of openness, accountability and transparency. From this standpoint, “too much information” is a virtue.

The new site was raised on a new, WordPress, platform that provides greater opportunity for blogging, comments, and comments on the inputs of others. This feature jibes with Peter’s pledge to “empower people more than himself,” following a lifetime as a political activist committed to a people-based politics. Everywhere he goes, he asks people: “Save your toughest questions for me.” With the greater opportunities to ask questions that the new site provides, no questions would need to be “saved.” They can be quickly put forth to receive fast answers.

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