CHQ - Conservatives Spending Money Where it Counts--Not With the Republican Establishment

House Republicans have raised more hope than cash
Dallas Morning News  - Principled conservatives such as Richard Viguerie have called for conservatives to stop donating to entities such as the National Republican Congressional Committee until new Party leadership is in place - and it seems as though people are complying, as the NRCC is having a hard time raising money despite a very favorable political climate. 

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Democrats fear they will lose special election to replace Murtha 
Washington Examiner - Michael Barone handicaps the May 18 special election to replace the late Democrat John Murtha in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District.

Even Nancy Pelosi Faces a Conservative Republican Challenge This Year 
Lodi News - Conservative Republican John Dennis seeks to unseat Nancy Pelosi in her own San Francisco Congressional District. Dennis is focusing on issues of fiscal responsibility that are at the core of the Tea Party Movement.

Rubio's rise casts doubt on Crist
The Ledger (Lakeland, Florida) -  Conservatives in Florida and across the country knew it was only a matter of time before GOP U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio started garnering the support of the state's conservative base, but the speed of Rubio's rise has gotten Gov. Charlie Crist's supporters worried. 

Sweet Tea for GOP in Alabama
American Spectator - Robert Stacy McCain provides an inside look at local Tea Parties' success in Alabama, where grassroots conservatives are more active than ever in challenging the political status quo - for both parties.

Insurgent Debra Medina shakes up GOP Governor race in Texas
Politics Daily  - The race for the GOP's nomination for Governor of Texas figured to be an interesting one from the start, pitting incumbent Governor Rick Perry against the widely recognized Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison - but recent developments have added yet another twist to the contest.  Tea Party favorite Debra Medina is gaining ground in the polls - and as the way things look now, could very well force a run-off in Texas if none of the candidates earns 50% support.

Look for a Perry-Medina run-off after the March 2 primary instead of the previously anticipated Perry-Hutchison run-off. Such an electoral outcome would give Texas voters a choice between two conservatives instead of a choice between one conservative and one big-government Republican.

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