NetRight Daily: Rotten to the AmeriCorps

Rotten to the AmeriCorps:  Among the most wasteful of the spending in- creases hidden in President Obama's 2011 budget proposal is his plan to create an army of government-funded community organizers at the shocking price of $1.4 billion. While the economy reels and many taxpayers are looking for ways to trim their personal spending, the president is demanding a whopping 59 percent boost for the Corporation for National and Community Service and its best-known program, AmeriCorps. It's time to pull the plug on both.

Limited Government Win on Failed Becker Nomination:  With the election of Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, the Senate finally put an end to the outrageous appointees from the Obama Administration.

Craig Becker Fails in Senate:  Obama's nominee to the National Labor Relations Board has just failed a Senate Cloture vote 52-33. To proceed with the nomination, Becker would have needed to receive 60 votes.

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