NHDP - Ayotte Courts Corporate Interests

Kelly Ayotte Schedules Fundraisers With Lobbyists from AIG, JP Morgan, Chase Bank and Exxon Mobile as She Pushes Wall Street Agenda

CONCORD - As she pushes for loose regulation of Wall Street, tax cuts for the wealthy and corporate control over New Hampshire elections, Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte has scheduled fundraisers over the next six weeks with top lobbyists from AIG, JP Morgan, Chase Bank, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobile and former top operatives of George W. Bush [Union Leader, 2/10/10].

Ayotte has consistently chosen corporate special interests over New Hampshire's middle-class families, pushing an agenda that includes lax regulation of Wall Street, zero limits on excessive executive compensation, tax cuts for the wealthy, healthcare run by insurance companies and policies that allow massive corporations to funnel unlimited cash into New Hampshire elections.

"Kelly Ayotte spends her nights wining and dining big banks and corporate interests in Washington, and her days trying to push their agenda on New Hampshire's middle class," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She's proven to be just another Republican establishment politician, putting Wall Street before Main Street and choosing to side with the corporate conglomerates bankrolling her campaign, instead of the hardworking men and women in New Hampshire's middle class."  

Ayotte's events were promoted widely in an email from the National Republican Senatorial Committee that contained over 66 GOP events in the next 50 days, but did not mention one fundraiser for any of Ayotte's three primary competitors [Union Leader, 2/10/10].

Ayotte has consistently chosen to put the agenda of powerful special interests and the Washington GOP before the needs of New Hampshire's middle class families:

  • Healthcare: She supports a health care plan that would eliminate essential consumer protections like ob/gyn care and allow insurance companies to deny you coverage when you get sick [Concord Monitor, 1/8/10]. After signing a far-right pledge to repeal these protections if elected, her campaign announced a meet and greet with health insurance executives in Washington [Fosters, 1/15/10; Blue Hampshire, 1/21/10].
  • Wall Street: Last month Ayotte came out against the President's plan to hold Wall Street accountable and recover taxpayer dollars used to bail out big banks [Union Leader, 1/21/10].
  • Campaign Finance: Ayotte immediately came out in favor of the Supreme Court decision, which would allow massive corporations and foreign companies to pour an unlimited amount of cash and influence into New Hampshire elections [Nashua Telegraph, 1/24/10].