CHQ - Who does the left fear most?

Here's my tweet for today:
@Richard Viguerie    Know who the left fear the most? It's who bears the brunt of their daily attacks - Rush L, Glenn B, Sarah P, Tea Partiers, Fox News.

Founders would cheer Virginia's anti-Obamacare bill
Washington Examiner (Ken Cuccinelli) - "People are figuring out the way to stop abuses of power which seem to be crippling our economy and eating away our liberty, is by using the Constitution against those who violate it. Leadership in this approach must come from the states."

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Tea party groups attempt to transform passions into practicality with PACs 
Daily Caller - "When organizers of the Ensuring Liberty PAC announced their plans at the Nashville [Tea Party] convention to raise $10 million dollars for targeted congressional races, they made sure to stress that their candidates know how to run a decent campaign."

RNC Chairman Steele Faces GOP Insurgents in Nebraska
Nebraska Watchdog - "Several top members of the Nebraska Republican Party appear more and more at odds with the man in charge of the national GOP."
In Virginia, conservative grassroots group pushes to cut state payroll
Capitol News Service (Richmond, Virginia) - Americans for Prosperity, a leading conservative grassroots group, is leading an effort in Virginia to pressure legislators to cut the state payroll and employee salaries.

Poll:  GOP gains reflect a lack of faith in the incumbent political class
Newsmax - Though the polls show Republicans gaining at the expense of the Democrats, it's not necessarily a sign that voters have a newfound belief that the GOP is more competent - it's largely an indication that Americans have little faith in the incumbent political class and are perhaps ready to make another wholesale change. 
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